The Looking Glass Society presents Episode 4 –  You’ll Float Too

This is a manifestation of an otherworldly power from an alternate plane, a dark, empty space between dimensions. Let us drag you down to the sewers and have you for lunch, then your soul will be stuck in this same place, not heaven, not hell, but floating in some kind of weird limbo where It can take over whenever it wants.

1     God Is in The Rain (First Black Pope Remix) – Suicide Commando
2     Say Something (Batfloor – Hocico Club Mix) – Blutengel
3     Prince of E​-​Ville (Remix by Accessory) – Combichrist
4     In The Name of Violence (Sex​-​O​-​Sex version by Hocico) – Hocico
5     Fiesta de Sexo (Rabia Sorda Remix) – Ost+Front
6     Je T’Aime (ft. Sara Noxx) – Psyche
7     I don’t want you in here (Remix by Desireless and operation of the sun) – Solar Fake
8     Pale Candle Light (SUPREME COURT RMX) – Solitary Experiments
9     When Evil Speaks (Sin Dna Remix) – Suicide Commando
10  Open the gate (Psi​.​Corp remix) – Agonoize
11  Salvation – Angels & Agony
12  Angels of the Dark (Remixed by Staubkind) – Blutengel
13  Charlotte Sometimes- Psyche
14  Deaf (Terrolokaust Remix) – Rabia Sorda
15  In Einer Dunklen Nacht – Waldgeist
16  Nazi Goths, Fuck Off – Suzi Sabotage
17  Fetisch- Seelenkrank
18  Geld Geld Geld (Amduscia Hell Mix Remix) – Ost+Front
19  Burn de Haus (ft. Gabor Holiday Inn) – OvO
20  Attention Whore (Posing Overdose Remix By Funker Vogt) – Suicide Commando
21  Fake to be alive (Ten after dawn Remix) – Solar Fake
22  Suck It Up – Ayria
23  In Deinem Grab – Agonoize
24  Leave Me Be (Suicide Commando Remix) – Dive
25  Dog Eat Dog (Doggy Style remix by Solitary Experiments) – Hocico
26  Die in Berlin (remixed by Larva) – Rabia Sorda
27  Bratwurstzange (Remix von Lord Of The Lost) – Rummelsnuff
28  Immortal (Trani​-​Remix By Heimatærde) – Solitary Experiments
29  Schatten (Club Mix) – Blutengel
30  Forward (Construggle Test Mix) – Angels & Agony
31  Fateless – Decree
32  Under The Subway (Deadlight Vocal Mix) – Vanishing Heat
33  Love Is A Dangerous Game – Psyche
34  Joy to the World – Combichrist