Title: Gloomhaven (Episode 07: The Rejects Anthem)
Author: DJ Jack Frost
Genre: Gothbop
Issued: March 10th 2022
Length: 2 hr; 21 min; 32 sec
Size: 323 MB
Bit Rate: 320 kbps

“Walking pass the neon lights
I’m smiling in the rain
You might think that I’m insane
But I am not to blame
You see this city drained the light
And left us in the dark
I’m poisoning myself tonight
It’s better when you’re numb

We are the ghosts, we are the damned
We don’t fit your perfect world
A bit at a time we die inside
Blinded by salvation signs
We are the ones you left behind
Because we never stood in line
And you wish we disappeared
Every time that we are near

No one wants to be around
When the dead are out
Every look filled with hate,
They’re hating us no doubt
We were once just like you
But life was not that kind
I could have been in your place,
You could have been in mine”

from Looks Like Death, released March 3, 2022 (The Black Capes)


01. The Black Capes – The Rejects Anthem
02. Give My Remains to Broadway – Comfort of the Void
03. Auger – Angel Dressed In Snow
04. Camlann – Midnight Euphoria
05. Covered in Snow – Guilt
06. Dark – Desire
07. Dead Lights – Doom Doom Trash
08. Echoberyl – The Siren and the Ghost (ft. Gloria de Oliveira)
09. AngstSystem – Dunkle Geister
10. Darkness on Demand – City of the Dreamers
11. ESA – Eat Their Young (ft. Caitlin Corlyx)
12. Kanga – Going Red
13. Lindemann – Ladyboy
14. The Black Capes – Apathy
15. The Anix – Black Space
16. Sierra – Unbroken
17. Shad Shadows – Sad Bodies
18. OtHER – Brave Bodies Burn
19. For All The Emptiness – No Paradise (Dance Mix By Decoded Feedback)
20. ESA – One Missed Call
21. Eden Synthetic Corps – Narcissus
22. Lindemann – Skills in Pills
23. Beautiful Machines – Control (The New Division Remix)
24. Blank – Embrace The Void (Akrasia Mix)
25. Darkness on Demand – Detoxination
26. Odonis Odonis – Shadow Play
27. Solemn Assembly – Humans Fall (Imperative Reaction Remix)
28. AngstSystem – Oh, Wie Sie Schrie
29. Echoberyl – The Underworld (Hypnoshado remix)
30. Blush Response – Live In Fear Of Conflict
31. genCAB – Channel the Past
32. Jim Davies – Caged (Empirion remix)
33. Kanga – Vital Signs