The Looking Glass Society presents Episode 9 – On The Other Side

Author: Jack Frost & Dr. M.
Genre: Gothbop/Schwarze-Scene
Issued: November 7th 2022
Length: 2 hr; 39 min; 09 sec
Size: 364 MB

Through the looking glass,
down the rabbit hole,
into the wardrobe and out
into the enchanted forest
where animals talk
and danger lurks and nothing
works quite the way it did before,
you have fallen into a new story.
It is possible that you
are much bigger—or smaller—
than you thought.
It is possible to drown
in the ocean of your own tears.
It is possible that mysterious friends
have armed you with magical weapons
you don’t yet understand,
but which you will need
to save your own life and the world.
Everything here is foreign.
Nothing quite makes sense.
That’s how it works.
Do not confuse the beginning
of the story with the end.

(Lynn Ungar)



01. System Noire – On The Other Side (Desastroes Remix)
02. Alien Vampires – Destrudo (Reaxion Guerrilla Mix)
03. Avarice in Audio – The Sky is Falling
04. Blue Ant – Invisible Cities (Formato Negativo Zion Remix)
05. Chainreactor – Impulskontrolle (Antibody Remix)
06. C-Lekktor – Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
07. Formato Negativo – Falso Anticristo
08. Intent Outtake – Zombie Nation
09. Terrorfrequenz – Bluthochzeit
10. Blue Ant – Prediction Overdrive (Code Red Core Addiction to Fear Remix)
11. C-Lekktor – Obsession (Llumen Remix)
12. Clockwork Echo – Hellfire
13. Device Noize – Una Vida Un Destino
14. Diverje – Society Creates The Monsters
15. Sodomy Down the Cross – Realidad Enferma
16. System Noire – Dead Inside
17. Xentrifuge – Die There After
18. Waijdan – Necromancer (Binary Division Remix)
19. Avarice in Audio – Crystal Tears (ft. Damasius Venys of Mondtraume)
20. Chaos All Stars – The Iron Sky
21. Epilepsy Morbid Rotten – Strange Sundays
22. Intent Outtake – Immoral Traitors (Fractal Age Remix)
23. Simon Carter & Fabsi – Witch Hit (C-Lekktor Remix)
24. Aesthetic Perfection – Blood Runs Cold (Extended Club Mix)
25. Cellmod – Graveyard of Empires
26. Formato Negativo – Infierno Tecnológico
27. Amduscia – Fake Time (Alexis Corvus Black Oxidium remix)
28. Chainreactor – Nebula
29. 40 Octaves Below – Dead To Rights (ESA Remix)
30. Ego+Error – Unrequited Love
31. Age of Endarkenment – Perpetually Pregnant
32. Matt Hart – Event Horizon (Original Mix)
33. Technomancer – Without You