“4 in the morning, and I can’t sleep Guilt like bodies made of blades, in my dreams they creep.”

“My Best Friend Thinks He’s A Vampire.”

“What Has Been Seen, Cannot Be Unseen.”

DJ Jack Frost Founder

Underground, and hardcore, genre fluid tastemaster. Mobile/ Radio DJ, Live Streaming, Mixtapes and Podcasts by Jack Frost.

I have been creating mix tapes, well it seems like forever for every occasion I can think of.  Making sure the songs blended together and kept with the theme of the tape. Whether the theme is work-out music, date music, driving music, Top 40, etc. )  I spent 9 years working for Zana Audio as a Mastering Engineer, learning much about live sound setups, DJ setups;  and live radio, both as an engineer and DJ.  Now I am putting my love of music together with my knowledge of sound equipment and bring music to the masses. 

With a career spanning over 30 years, I have developed a music collection that spans all genres and generations.  As a genre fluid DJ apart from my listed genre, I enjoy dJing: gothic, ska, northern soul, synthpop/futurepop, dark electro, techno, country, and italo-disco events, Ska and Northern Soul are my specialities.

The compilations and mixtapes featured on this site were all created by Jack Frost (Mazzaleen), and issued by external companies and DJ’s worldwide (United Kingdom, U.S.A, Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Israel, Colombia and Mexico). For use on radio, and in clubs, bars and stores.