The Looking Glass Society presents Episode 8 – Industrial Evolution

Author: Jack Frost & Dr. M.
Genre: Gothbop/Schwarze-Scene
Issued: October 21st 2022
Length: 2 hr; 34 min; 43 sec
Size: 354 MB

Stigma Of The Persona Non Grata

“There are men who are born geniuses, and there are men who are destined to the travails of the mundane world.

There are men who are gifted intellectuals, and there are men who are pretentious nemeses.

The world we live in, is a society of machines and useless ideologies exhausted.

A world only understood by the powerful benefactors of greed and false prophecies.

An intolerable envy for the brash gents tainted, who are ostracised for their disconformity.

I am one of those ostracised for my disconformity to the obsolete morality I am imposed.

I am a philospher and admirer of Plato, Aristotle and Socrates, but I too march to my own beat and path.

Never to acquiesce to the implacable vagaries of the imperious royalists nor vile oligarchists.

To bow to their reverence would bore me to death and enslave me to an inconceivable fate.

Within the pages of history, there are men of greatness, whilst others of great depravity.

Inquistions of malefactors of injustices, instigators of man’s gradual downfall.

I am condemned by the judges of society who deem me unnatural and perilous, because I am eccentric.

If my only crime is this, then bring me before the gallows to be hanged in the public square like the martyrs.

It is due to this reason that I must take accountability for my transgressions, yet my only indiscretion is being eccentric.

I have not committed a murder, but society thinks am I an impious criminal. This I must query.

If I am guilty of this crime, then are not those pompous louts that judge me, not more guilty of the crime of hypocrisy?

If so, let the first man without transgression cast the first stone afterwards.

I am a man amongst others who walk this earth,
one who must bear the stigma of the persona non grata.

Life is ephemeral, but art is eternal.”



01. SynthAttack – Industrial Evolution
02. Supreme Court – Voice Of Hate
03. Angels of Suicide – Debauchery
04. C-Lekktor – Don’t Be Afraid (club version)
05. Clockwork Echo – Apologist
06. Formato Negativo – Chemical Suicide
07. MissSuicide – Persona Non Grata
08. Stahlschlag – Crushed March (ft. Morbid Echo)
09. Toxikk Deception – License To Murder (Blue Ant Remix)
10. VV303 – Darker Than Black [Club Mix]
11. Terrorfrequenz – Eifersucht
12. SynthAttack – The Fire In My Veins
13. Hell:Sector – Blood Groto
14. MissSuicide – Präzisionsarbeit (ft. STAHLSCHLAG)
15. Psychosomatik – Bullfighter (Club Extended Mix)
16. Slichtnacht – Al Limite
17. Stahlgeist – Machines
18. Angels of Suicide – Ethereal Death
19. Waijdan – Amnesia
20. Formato Negativo – Judgement Day
21. Die Robo Sapiens – Robotimierung (Orange Sector rmx)
22. ELM – Excuses Excuses
23. Wulf7 – I Don’t Want (Anymore)
24. VV303 – The Dark Side (Club Mix)
25. Tazento – Hypersonic race
26. Stellar Dynamics – Custodian
27. Bile – Greenhouse
28. Koroner – Possession
29. Smirnov Project – The World Is Not Simple
30. Synapscape – Face On
31. Shinigami IND – Hachiman
32. Combichrist – Pay to Play (ft. Chris Motionless)
33. Flesh Insanity – Terminator