The Looking Glass Society presents Episode 7 – Dunkle Schatten

“Despite the Dawkinsian rise of the New Atheists, true religious rejection in contemporary society is actually fairly low. Not literally believing that two of every animal could fit on a wooden ship, or that a man could survive inside of a whale is not new, and theologians have been discussing the purpose of religious allegory since religion has been around. It is a discussion that takes place within religion, not outside of it. Beyond this theological non-argument “against” God, there are asinine claims like religion could never contribute anything like the iPhone, as if that is the purpose of religion, or even something worth striving for at all. These are not rejections of religion; these are a waste of time.

Regardless of your approach, be it Nietzschean or Anarchistic, rejecting God requires recognising the multifaceted power that historically has belonged to God. Institutions that rely on power require justification for that power; without God, scrutiny becomes a social necessity, lest we fall into hypocritical dogmatism.”


01. Terrorfrequenz – Dunkle Schatten (Nano Infect vs Richternoise rmx)
02. Syncfactory – Demon (Shades Of Hell Mix)
03. Stuka 696 – Nazikiller
04. Xenobeat – Manipulator
05. Nohycit – Obsesiv
06. Device Noize – Limitados a Ver
07. Death Signals – Dulce Muerte
08. Diverje – Unleashed (Dark Trance)
09. Binary Division – Defcon 2 [SynthAttack Remix]
10. Centhron – Alphamensch
11. Dread Risks – Bound Limbs (ESA Remix)
12. Kreign – Break The Beat
13. Matt Hart – Outlaws (ft. Antibody) (antibody remix)
14. Portvain – Religia mertvih (Nohycit Remix)
15. Spankthenun – Industrial Beats (Dread Risks Remix)
16. Syncfactory – Full Scale War (Kuroshio Sirens of Destruction Mix)
17. Terrorfrequenz – Yin und Yang
18. Stuka 696 – One way ticket [to suicide]
19. Diverje – Feed the Rich
20. C-Lekktor – Don’t Be Afraid
21. Code Red Core – Ad Mortem (Blue Ant Remix)
22. Death Signals – Señales de Muerte
23. Device Noize – Siempre Al Borde
24. Nohycit – Straight
25. Noise Unit – Ether
26. Xenobeat – Dis
27. Bio-Mechanical Degeneration – Outbreak (Diverje lockdown remix)
28. Clockwork Echo – Death Rebirth Repeat (Alien Vampires Remix)
29. Eggvn – Walk with Me
30. God Module – Victims Among Friends (Midian Dite Remix)
31. Kreign – Add It Up
32. PIG – Feed The Wound
33. Nachtmahr – Die Straße (Club Edit)