Radio, Podcasts and Videos to match your Dark Soul.

We are the Dark Romantics. The Dark Romantics in our candle’s glow. We are the Dark Romantics, and our dreams are where the poets go.

The gothic reminds us that we are mainly driven by our passions; the Gothic deals in illicit desires, in what is prohibited by society.

The music: Gothic and darkwave take precedence but we don’t exclude synthpop, 80’s and some EBM and Jack.Frost has been known to play some very strange stuff now and then.  In general the music is a wide range of the old and new, goth, industrial, and ebm.  Also spinning harsh electro, as Caligari is for those who need something a little darker and harder.  Caligari is for people who are sick of clubs, and want to hear something different, and has no social pretense or expectations.  So “Yes” it’s about, “Post-modern depravity for a high-voltage society fused with classy deviations of debauchery and intrigue.”  We play the songs, many other radio stations won’t play. If you can  barely stand what is being played on mainstream radio, then give us a try!